Reisverslag april 2014

Bebobakery Mission Report

Herman Assen

Jan Mensink

Summary Introduction

Soy milk machines

Milk and honey

Loans, and repayments

Damiel Daisie

Bebo Foundation (Cape Coast)

Bebo Friends (Accra)  Florence Bakery

Bebo Life (Kumasi)  Veterinary services and Poultry Production

Bebo Care (Bolgatanga)  Bees and honey, Soymilk production and microfinance

Social and Cultural Activities

Institutional development


  1. Finance
  2. Revolving Funds
  3. Exchange rates
  4. Feedback from:



Main purpose of the mission was

Soy Milk Machines

Bebobakery has bought 6 soy milk machines from COENCO in Belgium, of which 5 have been paid at 6500 euro each.

Three have been shipped to Ghana and three are still with COENCO

The installation of the machines was done by COENCO in May 2012.

One machine was bought by Mrs Adjoa Boisson in Cape Coast. It has hardly been  used there and it was moved to Kasoa in June this year

The second  and third machine were bought by Seventh Day Adventists schools Scales and McLineus in Kumasi

The one at Scales has been moved to Bolgatanga to be operated in combination with a filling machine by Conrad Kaaiwala. Conrad has submitted in September 2013 samples of his product to the Food and Drugs Administration in Accra. The product has been approved, but the milling machine and filling machine must be one closed circuit, if the product is for outside consumption.


McLineus school has tiled one room and planned to produce in Oct-Nov.2013.

Since they produce for their own community, the requirements are less strict.

First week of May Food and Drugs Authority will inspect the site at McLineus.

If all is okay they may be in full operation next month.

Theophilus also expects to be in milk production later on this year.

If so we can ship the other three machines to Ghana, end of 2014 or early 2015

Moreover, Marcia Akorlor has asked for a machine in a new school in East Legon. She has GHc 10,000 of her own and applies for a supplementary loan.

Florence Bakery moves to Kasoa

In December 2011 Theo and Florence Mintah bought a plot in Kasoa and  started building a bakery there. They planned to move from their small rented place in Dansoman to Kasoa in Sept-Oct 2013. It is likely to be now in august 2014

Besides bread they produce granola, which has become their main source of income.

Florence bakery’s employment increases from 6 people at present to an estimated 20 people by the end of next year.



Gordon Sampsons Feed Mill and  Pig Farm   

Gordon Sampson was raising pigs and had a small mill preparing fishmeal.

In 2008 with a loan of 18 thousand euro he started the construction of a feed mill.

Another 8 thousand euro has been invested in a drying machine and increase of working capital. In 2012 Gordon moved his pig farm a mile away from the feed mill.

Both enterprises, the farm and the feed mill are prospering.

About 15 thousand euro have been repaid in five years.

The outstanding amount will be repaid within the next 3 years.


Daniel Daisy has indicated that he may have to stop with piggeries.

An exit scenario has been considered.

In consultation with Gordon Sampson a survival plan has been made:

Continue feeding for 4-6 months at a cost of GHc 3630 and gradually sell.

In the meantime look for alternative employment.

A short term loan of GHc 4000 has been provided for feeding and Daniel earns an additional income in construction.



CORDAID loan conditions

  1. From 1-1-2013 each new loan agreement should include a collateral.
  2. Theophilus Mintah has the official documents specifying his properties in Kasoa as collateral for the loans, including the indenture.
  3. Bebobakery has made a comparative analysis of interest rates on loans provided by various banks and credit institutions.
  4. There is a positive dialogue  between Bebobakery and each Area Manager on how to arrive at an independent Revolving Fund and its management.


How to cope with devaluation of GHc

Inflation is rising in Ghana and exchange rates follow. See annex 3

Area managers have been advised to increase monthly interest rates on outstanding cedi loans from 2.0 to 2.3%  month (1-5-2014)

Interest rates on Bebo loans are  now in line with Barclays.

Interest rates on loans converted to euro’s remain zero percent


Revolving Fund

Cash flow analyses and monthly repayments have been reviewed and updated

The annual report 2013 has been reviewed accordingly.



Tuesday 15 of aprilth

Herman Assen arrived in Accra

Wednesday 16th  we went to Barclays to find out that there was no co-signature on Bebo Life account, but in no time we obtained the bank statements of all other accounts and we were assured that statements could be sent by email from now on.

At ICB  we received the bank statement on Bebo Friends account our signature was on the account. It would require a cheque book, which I received the following week.

In the afternoon we went to Florence Bakery in Dansoman.

Thursday 17th

we proceeded to Kumasi, passed by Aaron in Anku’s lab  and moved the next morning via Tamale to Bolgatanga.

Saturday 19th

Conrad and Adamu Rukaya Rutt showed us the soy mill and filling machine. We tasted the product which was good. The product has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, but Conrad needs a closed circuit before he can produce for schools and other third parties.

Easter Sunday 20

we met Conrad’s parents in Sabule and visited his first loan group. We proceeded to Wa, visited more loan groups and the beekeepers near the Black Volta River.

Tuesday 22

early morning we met the Cleaning Team at the VRA office in Wa. Before we went to Barclays, where we applied for co-signature to the Bebo Care account and proceeded back to Kumasi and Cape Coast

Thursday 23rd

we met with Patrick Agbesinyale in the new prestigious CRAN office. At Barclays we met with Patrick Nyarko, a good friend of Safoa Asare at the Immigration department in Cape Coast.

Later in the afternoon we arrived in Accra in time to go to Barclays where we made a transfer and withdrawal. Albert, Abbygirl and Bramah were very helpful and assured us of bank statements by email.

Friday 24th

King’s Birthday Celebration was attended by only Conrad and Diana although we had invited all four Area Managers. We were received by the ambassador Hans Dokter with some Dutch company representatives.

Saturday 25th

We reviewed the project administration with Conrad and Diana at the hotel, where Hennita left for the airport and Conrad and Diana returned to their home in Accra.

Tuesday 29th

Nash is in a small tourist development; transportation, TWITTER Guest house and mediation. He registered his biz as an NGO in Cape Coast.

Theo was invited by FDA to be the liaison between FDA and McLineus school in Kumasi. He looks forward to obtain a production permit for other SDA schools.

Margret Ubels informed us about SAP: their main sponsor had withdrawn. The project funding was decimated. Bebobakery will double its contribution this year.

Lucy managed last year without Bebobakery. She submits a list of new applications.

Wednesday 30th

Kadwo Antwi managing director of KADO Group of companies, living in Dansoman, dealing in trucks, tippers and machines at Amasaman,  along the Nsawan Road, off the George W Bush Highway, is a potential candidate to start the recycling business in Ghana.

Thursday 1st

long discussion with Marcia Akorlor, nutritionist and former hotel manager in Teema,  about a soya milk machine in a new school in East Legon. She will submit a detailed application.

Patience Eshun from Ampenyi is doing her masters at Accra University. She is in her fourth year. Nash has opened TWITTER Paradise. He applied for a loan of 7000 cedi (about € 1500) repayable in one year.

Bebo Bakery