Reisverslag mei 2013

Bebobakery Mission Report

27-April  – 18 May 2013

Dick Kohrman

Jan Mensink

Herman Assen

Summary Introduction

Soy milk machines

Cape Deaf

Florence Bakery

Gordon Sampsons feed mill

Loanadministration and Cordaid loan conditions

– Bebo Foundation Cape Coast)

– Bebo Friends (Accra)

– Bebo Life (Kumasi))

– Bebo Care (Bolgatanga)


Notitie van Dick Kohrman.



  1. Rabo  cash flow
  2. x-rates
  3. FlorenceBakery in Kasoa
  4. FlorenceBakery Loan Disbursements
  5. Alternative lending institutions
  6. Feedback from:


Main purpose of the mission was to follow up

Soy Milk Machines

Bebobakery has bought 6 soy milk machines from COENCO in Belgium.

Three have been shipped to Ghana and three are still with COENCO

The installation of the first three machines was done with COENCO in May 2012.

One machine was bought by an independent caterer, Mrs Adjoa Boisson in Cape Coast. It has hardly been  used there and it will be moved to Kasoa

Adjoa has an outstanding loan of GHc 25000 which she used for the construction of  a new house, working and storage space for anything but soya milk production .


The second and third machine were bought by Seventh Day Adventists  schools in Kumasi and installed on 19th  and  21st of May at Scales and McLineus respectively.

The one at Scales has been moved to Bolgatanga to be operated in combination with a filling machine by Conrad Kaaiwala  He has bought the filling machine (made in China) which meets the requirements of the Health Inspection to minimize risk of contamination between production and consumption.

Conrad expects to be in permanent production in  June  2013.



After our meeting in February there has been no feed back from the director of CapeDeaf. Barbara Emin about graduation and tool boxes for bike engineers.

Our Area Manager advised us to close the project with a donation to CapeDeaf.


Florence Bakery moves to Kasoa

In December 2011 Theo and Florence Mintah bought a plot in Kasoa and  started building a bakery with living accommodation. They will move from their rented place in Dansoman to Kasoa.

D-Day is set at Monday 17th of June

Besides bread they produce granola, which has become their main source of income.

Total investment amounts to 90 thousand euro repayable in about 5-10 years

Florence bakery’s employment increases from 6 people at present to an estimated 20 people by the end of the year


Bakery November 2012                                                     Bakery May 2013


Gordon Sampsons Feed Mill and  Pig Farm   

Gordon Sampson was raising pigs and had a small mill producing fishmeal.

In 2008 with a loan of 18 thousand euro he started the construction of a feed mill.

Another 8 thousand euro has been invested in a drying machine and increase of working capital. In total 26 thousand euro.

In 2012 Gordon  moved his pig farm  a mile away from the feed mill.

Two full time employees stay and work at the farm.

Both enterprises, the farm and the feed mill are prospering.

About 15 thousand euro have been repaid in five years.

The outstanding amount will be repaid within the next 3 years


Loan administration

By the end of  2012 the total current loan amount was 270 thousand euro divided over 55 loans. 117 thousand euro has been disbursed on new loans including  73 thousand  out of repayments.


There is a great difference between the three Area Managers and their customers.

Doctor George Anku visits his clients, examines sick birds at his laboratory, gives advice and prescriptions for medicine and feeds. He also assists hatcheries and parent stock breeders.

In 2012 Dr Anku received € 13,500 from Bebobakery and turned it three times round.

His loans are generally small, short term  and repetitive.

Lucy and Theo inherited some medium long term loans and they have a much wider range of loan takers.

Their annual turnover is about  30-40 percent of the invested loan capital


CORDAID loan conditions

  1. From 1-1-2013 each new loan agreement should include a collateral.
  2. Before May 2013, Theophilus Mintah should have an official document specifying his properties in Kasoa as collateral for the loans.  Still to be done.
  3. Before September 2013 Bebobakery makes a comparative analysis of interest rates on loans provided by various banks and credit institutions. Partly done
  4. Before September 2013 there will be an Agreement between Bebobakery and each Area Manager on how to arrive at an independent Revolving Fund and its management; being done





Saturday 27th

Of April Jan Mensink and Herman Assen arrived at the airport at 9 pm where Theophilus and Ahim were waiting. If Theo had not confirmed the reservations at St Martin we would have had no place. The hotel was full.


Sunday 28th

On our way to the Methodist Church next to the hotel we met with Vivian mob. 0248-284590 .She sells water in plastic bags of 35 cl at GHc 0.10

She sells about 100 bags per hour x 12 hours = GHc 120 per day.

Conrad intends to use the same plastic bags for soya milk


Monday 29th

we collected bank statements at ICB and Barclays and had a meeting with John Takyi Wilson credit manager at ICB.

He informed us that 90% of the starting entrepreneurs failed, mainly because they don’t follow the advice of the bank.


Tuesday 30th,

I processed the bank statements into cash flows and monthly repayments charts.

In the afternoon we went with Theophilus, Conrad and his wife Diana to the Dutch Ambassador to celebrate the last Queens birthday party on the 30th of April 2013 and the investiture of the new king  Willem Alexander and queen Maxima.

The party was sponsored by WIENCO, BAM, and KLM.

We met with Landel van Ommen and his successor Max … Melvin & Rebecca, Nol and Annelies, Comfort Acheampong.


Wednesday 1st of May

Conrad briefed us on the registration of Bee World Enterprise and received two Imker suits, which we had bought in  het Bijenhuis in Wageningen


Conrad has received GHc 29750 for Group loans

He has 140 loan takers in 8 groups ie 15 members per group

He has lent out 50 loans  x 200 cedis = 10 000 cedis


Thursday 2nd

we met with Lucy to reconcile cash flows and monthly repayment schedule and received new applications. She received  3 months reimbursement  and remuneration  from March through May. In the afternoon we met with Theophilus and checked his cash flow and repayment schedule.


Overleg met Lucy


Friday 3rd

We went to Kasoa and discussed the last bits and pieces of work before Theo could move from Dansoman to the new site within about two weeks time. An additional 17 thousand cedis was finally needed to make the new site operational

Any further delay would incur a loss of about up to 10 ten thousand cedis a month in terms of interest and forgone income. Theo’s short term production target is 900 loaves of bread per day, enough to reach a repayment capacity to cover the interest.  Further increase and granola would enable him to repay the loan in 10-15 years.

Dick Kohrman arrived on Saturday 4th


Sunday 5th

We  intended to meet Margaretha Ubels of SAP, but she appeared to be  on holiday in Holland and by chance we met with Florence Sabil. She is a mediator between unemployed people at the market and enterprises with vacancies or in need of short term services. She is most helpful and brings us the following day.


Slagharen geeft SAP €3000


Monday 6th

In contact with Bernard Boaheng of SAP, 020 822 7624, and teacher Evans Perry Quao,  0277 381 602.

and with Karneshie Market Manager Edmund Kofi Duffuor Addae.

In the afternoon we go for a second visit to Kasoa with Florence and Theo.

Florence looks forward to move to the new site and is very positive about production of bread and granola and later on of soya food. They will take over the soya milk machine from Adjoa in Cape Coast.


Tuesday 7th

we moved by bus to Kumasi, where Theo had prepared a meeting with the director of McLineus and matron Mrs. Lardi. We tried but failed to restart the soya milk machine. No wonder! At first there was no gas, then the regulator did not fit and finally there was a power failure that day.



Het is gelukt: sojamachine werkt weer!


Wednesday 8th

we visited three farms and an incubator house with George Anku and his friend  Electrical Engineer Robert Darku. 020-823 5349:

1 Mater Maria Hatchery, 2 DobMag Farm and 3 Boaheng Farm  with 11000 birds.



                                               Overleg met George Anku en Robert Darku van Mater Maria


Thursday 9th

We went back to Mc Lineus and were more successful. Lardi produced two batches of milk. I went to Anku´s office and taught Aaron how to prepare  a cash flow and do the sorting.


On Friday 10th

Theo and  Jan went back to Accra and Jan went back to Holland the following day. Dick and I proceeded to Cape Coast, Fespa Hotel.

There was an unbearable noise throughout the night in memory of a lawyer who passed away at the age of 62.

We  spent the evening with Patrick and Nicole at KOSA in Ampenyi.


Saturday 11th

we had a meeting with Lucy at STC station, where also Samuel Mensah came. Emmanuel could not come because of a funeral

From STC we moved to Gordon Sampson, where also Daniel Daisie came. Daniel has a painful infection in his left leg. Doctors have no explanation, let alone a cure.

Daniel was considering to embark upon another trade.

In the afternoon we proceeded to Accra and were glad to be back in  a quiet St Martin’s.

Sunday 12th we went to Tema harbour  and  the Volta dam at Akosombo

Monday 13th Theophilus went to Immigration for a residence permit and we went to Barclays and ADB, where we met the branch manager Jimmy Parry, who informed us about the terms and conditions of short and medium term loans.


uesday 14th – Friday 17th

reporting and meetings with Conrad, Florence and Theophilus at the hotel.

On Friday we received a cheque book from Barclays which can not be used by other team members or for transfers. Only for cash withdrawals by account holder.

More useful was the possibility to check our accounts by internet, but time was too short to effectuate this.



Woensdag 15 mei

Notitie van Dick Kohrman  16-5-2013

Conrad kwam naar het hotel om over leningen en het opstarten van het sojaproject te praten. Hij was de laatste weken in Accra om diverse zaken te regelen en had hier ook sojabonen ingekocht.

Herman heeft hem 2 imkerpakken voor de bijenhouders verstrekt, het bijenproject loopt goed en de afbetalingen beginnen te lopen.

Hij gaat zondag naar Bolgatanga en begint de komende week proef te draaien met de soja melkmachine. Zijn bedoeling is om naar meerdere scholen 100 proefzakjes met sojamelk te verstrekken en verwacht daar veel respons op om te kunnen leveren.

Herman drong er bij hem op aan om ook de tofu te gebruiken, daar deze een hoge voedingswaarde heeft. Hij verwacht meerdere machines te kunnen plaatsen in Bolgatanga en Wa maar eerst moet dit goed lopen voor er eventueel verdere stappen worden gezet.

De leningen die tot nu toe verstrekt zijn geven geen problemen.

Herman neemt de tijd om de verwerking hiervan in spreadsheet bij te houden zodat het voor hem beter inzichtelijk wordt.

Het verstrekken van dringende leningen met een hoge rente en een korte looptijd wordt hem afgeraden, hij zal dit naar normale proporties terug brengen en zorgen voor goede zekerheden.


Donderdag 16 mei 2013

Bespreking met Theo en Florence in het hotel over de laatste planning van de nieuwe locatie in Kasoa. De laatste aanpassingen moeten nog gebeuren maar er is geen geld om dit te realiseren.

BeBo zit in een spagaat, geen aanvulling betekent geen productie.

Totaal wordt nog één keer GHc 41.600 toegezegd, incl. GHc 10.000 startkapitaal, de totale financiering is nu ruim € 100.000,- met de verplichting om indien nodig 12 jaar GHc 4000,- per maand terug te betalen aan rente en aflossing. Als alles gaat draaien zoals ze dit verwachten moet dit geen probleem zijn zeker als de inflatie zich zo doorzet.

Theo en Florence ook voorgesteld, wanneer alles naar behoren draait, het verstandig is om een deel van de lening onder te brengen bij bv. de Agri Dev Bank, en dan kan dat geld weer voor andere projecten worden gebruikt.

Florence heeft er vertrouwen in dat ze gaan slagen in hun doelstellingen  en deze zullen gaan over treffen.  De afzet / opbrengst van de granola is hier niet in mee genomen maar deze zal zeker een sterke bijdrage gaan leveren aan het bedrijfsresultaat.

Florence en Theo goed uitgelegd dat de kosten en de opbrengsten dagelijks moet worden bijgehouden om onverwachte problemen te voorkomen bij deze omzet verhoging.


Bebo Bakery